Oops! It looks like The New York Times was a little too anxious to include some provocative quotes in its July 6 profile of Bavarian premier Markus Söder, the man known as “Germany’s Trump.”

The Daily Caller notes Tuesday that the Times on Sunday appended a correction to its profile clarifying that it had fallen for a satirist and misattributed quotes to Söder.

As people have commented so many times before, isn’t it funny that these errors that later demand corrections always seem intended to make Trump or his administration look bad? Here’s the best part of the correction:

While he has a reputation for making provocative statements, he did not say that German children should be called Klaus, not Kevin, nor did he propose having the entire Green Party sent for a drug test. Those comments were written by a satirist, not Mr. Söder.

Note that instead of just making the correction, the Times had to qualify it by adding that Söder “has a reputation for making provocative statements”?

That’s another thing: when an outlet like The New Yorker does a puff piece on socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, do they ever say she has a reputation for making provocative statements, such as calling Israel “the occupier of Palestine” and saying that capitalism “will not always exist in the world”?

In any case, we’re not defending Söder or any of his provocative statements — the real ones, that is.