Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is the ‘Democratic Socialist’ who beat Representative Joe Crowley.

Wow, Democrats.

You sure can pick ’em.

Ok, we absolutely cringed watching her bumble and babble her way through these questions. Notice she doesn’t really say much of anything and then openly admits that ‘geopolitics’ is not her area of expertise. We’re not asking her to be an expert, but we would expect a person who wants to be in Congress to have some idea of what’s actually happening with Israel.

This was painful.



As far as Democrats are concerned, she is saying the right things and whether or not she understands them isn’t really a problem … unless she sits down for a one-on-one interview like this one.

Such a train wreck.

If you want more than bumper sticker phrases and slogans that are pretty when written in glitter glue you’ll have to look elsewhere.


She’s their new Obama.

But don’t feel too sorry for her, she knows what she’s gotten herself into.




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