For being a satire site, The Babylon Bee sure seems to just GET IT.

Like this piece about Bernie Sanders and his distaste for so-called greedy rich people:

From The Babylon Bee:

“We will never survive in this country while so few greedy rich people own so much!” he reportedly exclaimed inside the $600,000 lakeside home he and his wife recently added to their real estate portfolio, which already included homes in Burlington, VT and Washington, D.C. “How many cars, boats, and houses do these people need? Don’t they know there are people who have nothing? How can they even sleep at night?!”


A dozen lunch guests.


Angry old man yells at clouds.


They get closer and closer to reality, right?

Nothing wrong with that.

In fact, if more people told kids to get off their lawns this country would be a far better place.


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