We know what you’re thinking … David who?

Honestly, we used to look at David’s timeline several times a day, but once the Left changed gears and moved on to other OUTRAGES it seems poor David has lost a good deal of relevance. #SadTrombone

That being said, every once in a while he’s still good for a Twitchy or two. See for yourself.

Ummm …

This is an area where David really seems to be lacking, his inability to understand that guns save lives too.

Especially when it comes to women.

This is heartbreaking.

And sadly not uncommon.

The best since Obama. Yup.

Anything for attention … err … for the movement.

Wait, you mean they don’t always enforce the thousands and thousands of laws on the books around firearms?

Get outta here.



Hey now, they do! Just like those gun-free zone signs work.

*eye roll*


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