Democrats have created a monster.

True story.

In their efforts to somehow push this country even further to the Left they have lost control of their own party to a much younger and quite frankly a more progressive crowd.

The irony of their own monster destroying them …

From The Intercept:

Longtime California Senator Dianne Feinstein lost the California Democratic Party’s endorsement in a stunning vote Saturday night at the party’s executive board meeting in Oakland. Though the vote was expected to be close, state Senator Kevin de León rather easily crossed the 60 percent threshold necessary for endorsement.

De León secured 65 percent of the vote among the 333 executive board members present. Feinstein garnered 7 percent, and “no endorsement” took 28 percent. De León only took 54 percent of the vote at the state party convention in February. Virtually every undecided vote going into the executive board needed to flip to get this big a number.

“The nation’s most accomplished Democratic Party is leading the call for a new generation of leaders who will fight to advance a bold agenda,” de León said in a statement. “We have presented Californians with the first real alternative to the worn-out Washington playbook in a quarter-century.”

First Crowley, and now this with Feinstein.

Democrats are in TROUBLE.

They’re eating their own.

Someone pass them the salt.

Stunning rebuke


Grab some popcorn, folks.


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