We just want to be clear here.

Shaun King endorsing you as a candidate is never a good thing.

Check this out:

Sad ain’t it? How desperate Shaun is to pretend he somehow helped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win is shameful. If we were Alexandria we would tell Shaun to stick with wrongly targeting people with his moronic rage mobs … but she didn’t.

You are who you hang out with, Alexandria. And maybe she’s missed it but Shaun isn’t exactly popular these days, even with the Left.

Run away while you still can, Alexandria!


Man, Democrats can be brutal.

Remember when Shaun said he’d pay the legal fees for the woman who stole the Confederate flag?

Whatever happened with that? Hrm.

Eh. If you think about it neither of them have been exactly honest about where they come from or what they’ve been through so perhaps this endorsement makes sense.

Have we mentioned how much trouble the Left is in? Heh.


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