The New Yorker seems to have bought into the Democrat’s latest ‘sensation,’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Anyone else a tad bit reminded of how enamored these media types were with Obama when he was suddenly the Left’s favorite, shiny new possession?

Look at this silliness …

Then her father handed her an American flag, wept,  and told her she would one day have to SAVE this country from evil Conservative men … too far? Actually, we couldn’t bear to read the article itself but we wouldn’t be surprised to find something along those lines in it.

They are working overtime to sell this gal as some sort of socialist superstar.

Luckily not everyone is buying it.

She honestly doesn’t know.


She’s no geopolitical expert, that’s for sure.

This poor woman.

Huh. Sensing a theme here.

Probably the same reasons why they had a fascination with the community organizer.

Democrats love a good story, and whether or not it’s true is irrelevant.

NYC gets the government they deserve.


The Israel thing isn’t going away anytime soon, Alexandria. And no amount of fluff pieces from The New Yorker is going to change that.


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