It’s not easy being a White House press secretary during a Republican administration, particularly when the press is only now fully awakening from the eight-year nap it took during Barack Obama’s “scandal-free” administration.

White House correspondents are back in activist mode — witness CNN’s Jim Acosta’s attempt to present the poem “The New Colossus” as immigration law, for example — and you’ve got some idea what the press room is like these days.

As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted about how she was told by the owner of a restaurant to leave because she works for President Trump:

Playboy’s White House correspondent, Brian Karem — who got a really big kick out of Sally Fields’ mean girl tweet about Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a c**t on TV (“HA! Okay…best tweet of the day young lady.”) — says he doesn’t see Sanders treating reporters with respect (sad trombone).

For those keeping track — and we know the reporters are keeping track — Karem is the correspondent who recently invoked Sanders’ own children during a press briefing in a bit of partisan grandstanding that would make Acosta blush:

How is “Don’t you have any empathy?” a legitimate question for the press secretary — and then Karem complains about respect in the press room.

For the record, Karem’s also the White House correspondent who asked Sanders if she’d ever been sexually harassed as part of his line of questioning:

Honestly … we do think Sanders tries to remain professional in the face of a White House press corps that actually accuses her of faking a tweet about baking a pecan pie.

We’ll confess, we’d kind of like the war between the Trump administration and the press to cool down a bit on both sides, but the press corps could go a long way toward earning respect if they could be a little less blatantly hostile and act like professionals, not inquisitors.