The Broward County School Board held a forum on school safety Wednesday night that Superintendent Robert Runcie said would be the first of many events devoted to listening.

We know that one of the safety enhancements after Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students returned from Spring Break was clear backpacks, at which activists like David Hogg balked, calling them “unnecessary” and “embarrassing for a lot of the students.”

Parkland activists also don’t seem happy with the idea of random security searches, which was brought up Wednesday night. Ryan Deitsch, MSD student and content creator for the March For Our Lives, argued that the searches further victimize students.

So … check everybody? But wait, there’s more:

Wait a sec … what was that about feeding into people’s biases after a tragedy? We’ll admit that if we were students, we’d hate random security searches and clear backpacks too, but as law-abiding gun owners and NRA members we’re still not feeling the whole push to ban AR-15s and possibly all semiautomatics. It’s not good to misrepresent certain groups, like lawful gun owners, and treat them like criminals.

Speaking of that school-to-prison pipeline, maybe it needs to be widened:

Another complaint from another student, Alex Wind:

In any case, district officials got an earful.