As we reported earlier Wednesday, Tom Arnold (whom we prefer to remember as the sidekick in “True Lies”) was cranky with both us, the @TwitchyTeam inbreeders, and Dan Bongino, who had shared an encounter as a policeman with Arnold back in the ’90s.

Things have gotten even more complicated, though — what happens when comedian Christopher Titus and his feud with Dana Loesch collide with Tom Arnold’s wit? It looks like things escalated after this diss from Loesch:

“One of her final moments”? Um, no. Loesch is built to last. In any case, Arnold’s tweet got Titus back into the ring.

Oh, snap. When Loesch hits you with a “Be well” or “God bless,” you know she’s done with your nonsense.

We’ve got to admit, we’ve missed whatever standup gigs Titus and Arnold have done lately, but has either one said a word about the school resource officer who hid outside the building while shots were being fired? How about the Broward County deputy who was caught sleeping in his patrol car while he was supposed to be protecting the school?

How about Sheriff Scott Israel? There’s a ton of material there. Why keep picking on a woman who speaks for an organization of 5 million people who had nothing to do with the shooting — especially when you keep losing?