Poor Tom Arnold.

He’s upset with Dan Bongino.

And us!

All because he picked a fight with Dan after watching him interviewed about gun control by Tucker Carlson. In case you missed his tweet (or forgot it because let’s face it, most of his tweets are pretty forgettable), here it is:

What a sweetheart, right?

Well, long story short (we know, too late), Dan responded in kind to Tom’s blather and we covered it because that’s what we do.

Besides plot with Putin to TAKE OVER THE WORLD … just kidding, deep breaths Ron Perlman.

If Tom had just let it go, but oh no:

Whoever he’s referring to deleted his/her tweet (drat it all!) but once again, Tom got Dan’s attention.

D’OH! Maybe if he’d said, ‘I’m Roseanne’s husband.’

HEY! What did we do, Tom?

Oh, that’s right, never mind.

Thanks for the shout-out! Big fans!

Might want to fumigate in there, just saying.

Guessing no one got Tom that Snickers bar.


Get him a SNICKERS! Tom Arnold FLIPS OUT watching Tucker interview Dan Bongino on gun control (Dan responds)