As Twitchy reported earlier, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg posted a statement Wednesday addressing “the Cambridge Analytica situation” and reiterating Facebook’s “responsibility to protect your data.”

For many, “the Cambridge Analytica situation” is just more proof that Donald Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton through the use of Facebook and social media (at least that’s one of the 500 or so excuses she’s given for having lost in 2016) — which, funnily enough, is also largely credited with Barack Obama’s electoral victory in 2012.

Check out this hot take from Dr. Eugene Gu, a health care columnist for The Hill.

Wow. We already have senators calling for Facebook to be regulated, seeing as it’s practically a country and not a company anymore. Now what? We can’t just have Facebook destroying our democracy and helping dictators steal elections while destroying our constitutional right to privacy.

What do people not get about this?

But we can’t let Facebook screw up another election with memes of Hillary Clinton arm-wrestling Jesus.


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