As Twitchy reported, Ben Shapiro on Monday night managed to sum up in one tweet the current hullabaloo over Facebook and Cambridge Analytica:

And here it is only Tuesday night, and we’re already at Step 2, although the GOP is getting in on the action as well. Check out this clip in which Sens. Amy Klobuchar and John Kennedy explain how Facebook is no longer a company but a country with massive power that needs to be reigned in by the government:

“I think Facebook is a fine company” … it’d be a shame if anything happened to it.

Look, we all know that Facebook has problems, but we’re also astounded by how badly the government can mess up anything. But hey, why not treat Facebook like it’s an actual hostile foreign power hacking our elections: that’s the narrative, right? Let the government take it over and clean it up.


But until the government and the media manage to fix everything Hillary Clinton listed in “What Happened” as the reason she lost the election she was “supposed” to have won, there’s work to be done!