As we told you earlier Tuesday, even actor Ron Perlman is claiming that Twitchy has got to be “Russian funded” — which is odd, since our bosses in the Kremlin haven’t said anything about our posts making fun of Russia’s attempts to meddle in our affairs (the coloring pages of Bernie Sanders in various muscle poses were great).

If you’re a conservative and post on Twitter, you’ve probably had someone dismiss you as a “Russian bot.” CNN recently ran a story claiming that pro-gun rights tweets in the aftermath of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting are the work of Russian bots. Oh, and don’t forget Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Adam Schiff demanding to know if Russian bots were pushing the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign.

As Twitchy noted, CNN relied on “monitoring groups” for its reporting and noted that it did not verify their findings independently — nope, they heard Russian bots and ran with it.

So, just who are these monitoring groups? Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept on Monday looked into Hamilton 68 — the tool used by the Alliance for Securing Democracy to track “Russian propaganda and disinformation efforts online.” Yes, that’s the group CNN relied on almost exclusively for its report on pro-gun posts.

Secret designations? CNN even admitted, “The group does not disclose which accounts it tracks.”

“Russian Bots Moved Quickly to Exploit the Florida Shooting,” reads the headline on The New York Times’ front page. But who says? The Alliance for Securing Democracy, that’s who.

It is scary … and yet CNN gripes about being called fake news when it just runs claims without verifying them. Russian bots are pushing for gun rights on Twitter? Sure. The scariest part is people believe it and just block any “Russian bot” that disagrees with them.

Would it be too much to ask that, before yet another high-profile media outlet runs a story on Russian bots, it perhaps verifies some of the claims before spouting out more headlines?