For a group that throws around the word “treason” so lightly (remember how people tweeting #ReleaseTheMemo were traitors?), The Resistance sure has a fit when someone like President Trump uses the word.

Liberals were triggered earlier today when Trump suggested during a speech in Cincinnati that it was un-American not to stand for good news during his State of the Union address.

It’s probably meaningless to most liberals that it was someone in Trump’s audience who brought up the word “treasonous,” but Trump seemed fine with it, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi — who was probably the most conspicuous audience member during the State of the Union — is most certainly not fine with it.

Seems Pelosi felt that standing for good news under President Trump would equate to some sort of loyalty pledge.

See, Trump was demanding loyalty to himself, which the Democrats most certainly were not going to go along with. Funny how the same people who lauded a president who said that “elections matter” cry “that’s not how democracy works” whenever they lose.

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