There’ve been a couple of big shakeups in the news today. First, it’s looking like Andrew McCabe checked out of the FBI due to something in the Inspector General’s report, and second, the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the Nunes memo which is believed to outline surveillance abuses by the FBI during the campaign.

As Twitchy reported, Peter Daou is bummed out because he now believes Robert Mueller will only take down side-players in the Russian collusion scandal, and ABC News’ Matthew Dowd believes what’s happening today is more of a threat to America than North Korea’s nuclear program.

That’s quite a 180 — we’ll remember it the next time liberals assume duck-and-cover positions when Trump talks about “fire and fury” or tweets about his big red button. In each of those instances, you could practically hear the missiles approaching, the threat was so real.

And we thought refusing to respect the result of the 2016 election was the biggest threat to our democracy:

But today … wow.

Oh, Dowd’s a proud Independent. No partisan hackery here.

Maybe he has a point? He really didn’t specify what he meant by “what is happening within our country today.”


BRUTAL: Matthew Dowd gets OWNED in back-and-forth about N. Korea missile tests under Obama

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