As Twitchy has been reporting, there’s been a lot of traction behind the #ReleaseTheMemo movement … so much so that Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein urged both Facebook and Twitter to see if Russian bots were bolstering the hashtag.

As pressure mounted to release Rep. Devin Nunes’ memo on the FBI and its actions during the 2016 campaign, Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee crafted their own classified memo in response.

Schiff initially lobbied to keep the Nunes memo classified, and now it looks like it’s the Democrats’ memo that will be kept from the public.

The waiting … is over.

So Nunes’ memo will be made public, but the Democrats’ memo written to counter it will be limited to members of the House … at least for now.

“Lamenting the vote” … SAD!

So … blame Trump. That’s a hot take.

If Schiff hasn’t seen any abuses by the FBI, maybe he could share his memo with the public giving the details?

Maybe we’ll see the Democrats’ memo eventually?

But … Rep. Ted Lieu already told us the Nunes memo is like Al Capone’s vault. But if there’s nothing in it, why is Schiff so upset that it’s going to be made public?

Like we said before, the spin on this one will threaten to throw off Earth’s rotation. Stay tuned.

* * *

Editor’s note: We’ve corrected the headline to better reflect that a GOP majority on the committee voted to withhold the Democrats’ memo for the time being; we regret any confusion.


Rep. Adam Schiff tries to distract from calls to #ReleaseTheMemo with DIFFERENT memo