Remember how bad you felt for comedian Kathy Griffin when CNN dropped her from its New Year’s Eve show … just because she had done a photo shoot in which she posed, ISIS-style, with President Trump’s bloody, severed head?

Well, get ready to feel bad all over again, because Griffin’s still not done talking about it.

Politico on Tuesday published a piece on “What happens when Trump targets you on Twitter” and included Griffin among those “targeted” by Trump … just because of that whole bloody severed head thing. For the record, here’s how he targeted her:

Griffin told Politico about the damage done to her career after Trump posted that tweet.

In the days after Trump highlighted the photo, the Emmy Award-winning comedian was fired from CNN, where she was set to co-host the channel’s New Year’s Eve show alongside Anderson Cooper. She was dropped as a celebrity endorser for Squatty Potty. The Secret Service launched an investigation. Today, she says she still can’t book a gig anywhere in the United States.

Griffin blames the change in her status to the president personally driving the outrage machine.“I think it would have been gone in a week without his tweet,” she admitted. “Trump knows what would be perceived as something hysterical and he loves hysteria. There are millions of people who think I’m a member of ISIS to this day.”

… according to Griffin, Trump’s response to the photo was a calculated move to distract from firing former FBI Director James Comey. “It was very soon after the Comey firing,” she said. “He absolutely used me as a tool to distract from his bad news of the day.”

So she blames Trump’s tweet — and not her tasteless photo — for her career troubles. Maybe the photo shoot was just a bad idea?

That’s pretty much exactly what she’s suggesting.


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