Guess who’s tweeting about politics again?

Poor, sad, Kathy Griffin. She’s such a VICTIM right? Guessing she saw an opportunity to use this ‘tweeting’ situation between Trump and Mika to her own attention-seeking advantage.

It’s painfully obvious.

Oh and look who else chimed in:


Always so eloquent, meaningful and inspiring when she tweets.

Hey, at least she’s not telling some woman who made her mad to ‘eat her,’ this time.

These two deserve each other.


We need more ‘head’ jokes when it comes to Kathy Griffin.


They’ve been crying for weeks that Republicans will strip health insurance away from millions of people while ignoring the reality that Obamacare did JUST THAT. Millions and millions of Americans lost their plans because they were ‘too good.’

Not a peep then from Kathy ‘Holds Bloody Head Up’ Griffin.