As Twitchy reported Friday, progressives have once again lost their minds over an NRA TV spot featuring Dana Loesch.

Before, an ad showing video of leftist mobs doing their thing caused Sen. Chris Murphy to muse, “I think the NRA is telling people to shoot us.” Now, this new spot, which tackles the media’s tireless effort to derail the Trump presidency, has triggered poor Kathy Griffin.

Shocking! Dana Loesch also does ads on the side, for advertisers who are lucky enough to have her promote their products. So … does this mean that Trump must be impeached or something? We’re not following; Loesch was, however.

Yeah, Dana Loesch advocates for the Second Amendment and advertises SuperBeets (sure, we’ll give ’em a plug … plus, it was nice of Griffin to share an NRA video with her followers for free). How that compares to holding up a bloody replica of the president’s head for a photo shoot, we have no idea.

Plus, it’s not as though Griffin hasn’t lost clients way more embarrassing than an energy supplement.

Dear everyone/everywhere, this alleged comedian was dropped by Squatty Potty (and CNN) after posing with the severed head of the president. Really.

Somewhere, Anderson Cooper sheds one pure, crystalline tear.

* * *


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