There are few groups who cause the Left to meltdown more than the NRA.

And no personality causes them to flip the EFF out quite like the lovely Dana Loesch who’s featured once again in this latest ad from the NRA.

As if on cue, the Left is already frothing and screeching at Dana and the NRA:


Dude needs to watch the ad. Once again she is talking about the MEDIA; it’s seriously like these people have no ability to just listen without hearing what they WANT to hear.

Shall we pull all of the video and images of the Left ‘killing’ Bush? And again, this is about the MEDIA.

Oh, and of course, these troglodytes found their way to Dana’s timeline (as they always do):

Ain’t she a sweetie?

These people wonder why we carry. *eye roll*


DAAAMN! Dana Loesch WALLOPS former Daily Show producer in FIERY back-and-forth over NRA ad

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