We’ll admit it was fun ridiculing the full-on freakouts by groups like GLAAD and NARAL over the repeal of #NetNeutrality regulations. The wailing and moaning and rending of garments were amusing for a bit, but we’re really, sincerely going to miss wounded warrior and champion logroller J.R. Salzman, who didn’t make it today after the FCC’s vote.

Our condolences to the families of all 853,688,257 people killed by the repeal vote, but our heart goes out to Salzman, who survived a war only to be struck down by the FCC.

Has anyone checked on Alyssa Milano?

Hold up …

* * *


NARAL’s freakout over #NetNeutrality repeal is a special kind of crazy

Is this the STUPIDEST pro-Net Neutrality argument yet? We report, you DERIDE!

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