One of these two guys is eyeing a run for president in 2020, and we’re afraid it’s the wrong one.

Add Sen. Cory Booker alongside Bernie Sanders to the list of those freaking out over the FCC’s vote to repeal those Obama-era net neutrality rules.

Mark his words! When he’s president in 2021, net neutrality is back, baby!

Fortunately, novelist Brad Thor was there to help Booker tell fact from fiction.

What can’t government fix?

Repeal #NetNeutrality? How? Internet access is a civil right! Communities of color and the LGBTQ community hardest hit! Won’t someone think of the children? Think of T-Bone!


* * *


‘LOL LOL LOL’! GLAAD gets in on the #NetNeutrality repeal hysteria and BOY is it something