Any Touré tweet that starts off with the word “if” is bound to go somewhere dubious, and Monday’s offering was no exception.

First, there are plenty doing actual heroic work right now in Houston, Texas, rescuing those whom so many on social media have suggested deserved to be flooded for living in a red state — so it’s not as if there aren’t plenty clear examples of heroism out there.

Second, we have to assume he’s talking about the antifa who’ve been showing up at pro-Trump rallies, so-called free speech rallies, and white supremacist rallies armed with bats and clubs and pepper spray and urine bombs.

It seems the left is trying very hard to keep the rehabilitation of the antifa’s reputation on track, after floating the idea that World War II soldiers storming the beach at Normandy to fight the Nazis were the original antifa. Check out how NBC News gave a Dartmouth historian airtime to put a spin on their “self-defense” measures.

And now we have Touré chiming in to praise as heroes those willing to fight white supremacists physically.

That’s a romantic idea and all, but it would be nice if the antifa could, at the very least, refrain from beating up 1) people guilty of thoughtcrime who are expressing their beliefs through speech and not terrorist acts, 2) journalists covering them who threaten to give away identifying information (their secret identities, so to speak), 3) police who are duty-bound to protect their right to protest, and 4) each other … maybe make sure the other guy isn’t a neo-Nazi before beating him bloody over his haircut.

Or is it time to start throwing rocks?

You can’t just beat up people whose beliefs are abhorrent to you?

* * *


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