Obviously the eyes of the nation are on Boston today, where a so-called “free speech rally” that drew maybe a dozen people was dwarfed by thousands of counter-protesters. Since practically no one decided to show up at this alt-right event, there was nothing for the counter-protesters to do except march peacefully, take photos of each other, and soak up the satisfaction of knowing they’d fought off Nazis just like their grandfathers did.

As Twitchy reported, President Trump took some flak for tweeting about the “many anti-police agitators in Boston.”

Peacefully? Cheering on the cops? The thing is, there were anti-police agitators doing their thing:

Wow … either a couple of Nazis managed to sneak into the crowd and throw rocks at police, or … what other explanation could there be? Could this be like when the May Day rioters in Portland decided to emulate that ill-advised Pepsi ad and throw cans of cola at law enforcement?

Vox is on it.

What? We were told it was peaceful.

What violence?

Wait, aren’t you the same reporter who said many of the thousands of protesters were thanking police? And the cops said “You’re welcome” by spraying mace? That’s odd.

That chant certainly is familiar with anyone who covered the many, many Black Lives Matter protests during the Obama years.

P.S. Apparently the “free speech rally” had to be shut down because some pro-lifers decided they had a right to free speech too.

Um, “hardcore folks”? Maybe there really is a violent “alt-left” after all?

* * *