CBS News correspondent David Begnaud reported Thursday night that a judge denied bail in the case of Reality Winner, the 25-year-old government contractor accused of passing classified materials to the media. The Intercept published excerpts of an NSA report Monday.

Wow. That’s not good.

Also of concern to the judge was Winner’s fasciation with the Middle East.

That certainly sounds plausible, considering all of the social media posts unearthed Monday night, including her declaration of loyalty to Iran were Trump ever to declare war.


Who knows how many people at the Women’s March applauded when Madonna revealed her fantasy about blowing up the White House? Apparently it’s a pretty common daydream, though it was new to us.

We thought Manning got out because of Obama’s last-minute commutation; if he had cared about the press, he’d have done it earlier so he could have reaped the adulation.

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