While gaslighting became a commonly used term during the past four years the mainstream media appear intent to take things to the next level. With growing frequency we have seen the press actually reporting on alternate realities.

This has been the case with the various riots we saw this year, when media members would stand before catastrophic vistas or witness outright violence and declare the scene to be ”Mostly peaceful”. Now when presented with legitimately calm and violence-free demonstrations there is not a claim of intensified peace. Instead there is another modifier applied in a resent gathering.

It would almost hint at a theory that the basis of a protest molds the reaction by the press to the demonstrators. Here you have a group protesting against the lockdowns, which the media largely support, so there needs to be a framing of the group.

They gathered outside the home of an Akron councilwoman, Tara Samples, to protest the mask mandates set in place. Unshockingly said councilwoman saw this crowd as a severe threat, despite there being no violence, and no arrests during the brief one hour protest.

It wasn’t peaceful,” Samples told the newspaper. “They can say it’s peaceful, but it wasn’t. You come to my mother’s house with bullet proof vests and guns. That’s not peaceful.”

And there is your 2020 demonstration synopsis; looting, arson, vandalism, and attacking police are examples of peaceful protests while people standing for an hour with signs are violent.

And, they are too monochromatic.


Curiously we cannot recall any journalist referring to the racial protests from this summer as ”Mostly black”.

They do not see – they only see colors when it is useful to divide and build a narrative.

We are sure there is something racist about this comment, according to The Hill.

There is no room for this kind of logic in an emotion-filled news story.

Then there is another paradox served up by the press this year–

Sorry, that is just funny, right there.

There is some good news at least  — people are starting to call them out on this kind of behavior.

A wise idea. Wait – that would impact us here at the site! Still, though…