We told you earlier about the mostly peaceful protesters in Louisville telling police to “get ready to f***ing die”, and, in spite of media attempts to downplay the protest, they weren’t kidding. At least two officers have been shot so far:

However, the mob can always count on the media to run cover for them. Reuters is just one example:

“Mostly peaceful, until…” Gee, where have we heard that before.

Joe Biden’s Twitter account also weighed in after the latest news was reported, with no mention of the officers who had been shot:

Ditto for Kamala Harris:

The Biden campaign has been running ads condemning riots and violence, but for now they’re quiet about Wednesday evening’s events:

Biden and Harris won’t weigh in on the officers who have been shot or other facts surrounding the case until polls tell them to.

Again, future polls will dictate the responses from Biden and Harris… as usual.



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