Ever been curious to see what it looks like when the media is faced with a failed attempt at creating a narrative? Newsweek has taken a look at the result of that attempted scandal generated from The Atlantic last week and they seem off balance that there was no disastrous effect in the polls for President Trump.

The story fell apart almost immediately as the facts were proven wrong, and as I laid out yesterday all the elements of coordination were in play. but as the media desperately tried to hold on to the quotes from anonymous sources it only became worse for them, but Newsweek appears to have been expecting a different result.

The use of ”despite” in the headline is the giveaway. The use of that word can only mean they had expected a completely different return. It also indicates that the entire thrust of this coordination in the press was intended to impact Trump in the polls.

President Donald Trump’s approval rating does not appear to have been impacted by controversy in the wake of a recent Atlantic article claiming he had repeatedly made disparaging remarks about U.S. military members. Trump’s job approval rating hit 47 percent in a Hill-HarrisX poll released Tuesday, his highest rating in the poll since June.

You can almost hear the disappointment in the typing.

The writer, Aila Slisco, seems to be holding out hope for any kind of backlash.

The Atlantic article claiming that Trump had engaged in a series of disparaging comments and behavior towards U.S. service members, including calling those who died in wars “losers” or “suckers,” was published two days before the survey began.

Not content with simply repeating the story, in the hope of gaining traction Slisco continued to sell the Atlantic piece as valid.

Major elements of the article, which cited four anonymous sources the paper claimed had direct knowledge, were later confirmed by multiple outlets including the Associate Press and Fox News.

Note how there is no mention of the factual errors in the article, nor that those ”confirmed” reports were ALSO reliant upon anonymous sources. Something else they failed to mention — numerous names have gone on the record to declare these quotes were never made by the President. Notably, these were people who were in the room on the morning President Trump supposedly said the scandalous quotes.

Not to be discouraged though, Slisco managed to to see the grimy lining to all of this shiny news.

Other polls are less favorable for the president. Trump’s average approval rating appears to have risen somewhat in recent months, but most polls continue to show him hovering around the low-to-mid 40 percent mark.

There’s that never-say-die TDS spirit we have come to love from the press.

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