Not too much coverage will be made here in the states but in Ireland there is a progressive wave of sorts in their political leadership and the permissive aspects are upsetting a growing faction of the population. There have been reports of politicians showing sympathies for pedophiles alleged by some, and so this weekend a March For Innocence rally was held outside the capital.

In the process of a clearly peaceful gathering for reasons that defy logic, Antifa members showed up to counter-protest. It did not go well.

Whatever message the Antifa arrivals hoped to convey it did not go well. They were immediately confronted and shut down in short order.

If it sounds confusing that is because it is. This is a group that rose to prominence and gained sympathetic coverage in the press because they were avowed to be battling against Nazis and fascism. The question then becomes, which group are we to assume these parents gathering in the name of protecting children belong to – Nazis, or fascists?

The idiocy is taken further when you consider the rally was in opposition to elected leaders, so Antifa arrived to counter them, which means they were taking sides with the predatory government — which sounds rather fascist in practice.

Or, stupid. Wait, apologies. ”And” is in play here. They can be monstrous AND stupid.

What this becomes is yet another time we have witnessed Antifa arriving at organized rallies to disrupt things when they do not have anything to do with fascists/Nazis. Recall in Portland the time they came to create violence at a pro-First Amendment rally. They have also done the same at a Straight Pride rally, and most recently we watched as they co-opted the Black Lives Matter protests for the past couple of months.

None of this applies to their avowed mission to supposedly end the spread of Nazis and white supremacists, and it underscores the failings of our media. The press was so supportive of these anarchists initially that now they find themselves in the tough position of explaining the violence from this group they had encouraged. So the press decides to not explain it.

Some politicians even want to go so far as to claim Antifa does not exist. Tough thing to say when prominent members of the press have vocally defended the group.


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