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Even Elmo Sending Love Turns Leftists Into Lamenting Lunatics

AP Photo/Victoria Will, File

Elmo decided to send everyone a lot of love and hearts on X and you would think that is just short and sweet and people should say 'Aww cute, thanks buddy!' but NOPE it is 2024 and people are insane so instead of just love, and hearts you got those people who just have to make everything political.


We get it. Sometimes it is just funny and we make jokes on social media about politics all of the time, we literally write articles all day with jokes about politics but for some reason when the Left does it, it just seems unhinged. Maybe because it is never really funny, they just seem sad and lonely

Awww, That is cute! Thanks, Buddy! *Carries on with our day like a normal human*

Cue Leftists!

Yes, of course, court packing is a brilliant idea. There can be 20 Leftist judges and eventually when there is another Republican they can have about 25 judges and we will get to the point where we have 500 justices and it will only take 251 to get a majority! We LOVE how well thought out that idea went.


Nick's bio says he is a Dem nominee for Ohio. We believe it because that tweet is so sad and ridiculous, that he should fit right in. It is a perfect Lefty formula. It just lists things without offering any real solutions and that is always the first step for a good Leftist. The full process is: Say we need change to things, offer no solutions for making the change, make up something on the fly and throw money at it, then act surprised when your crappy idea with no real basis in logic has unintended consequences and then blame those bad consequences on the Right.

Can you tell we are kind of over the Whining and carrying on of the past few days?

OK, Nick. We will grant you that Sesame Street can be a little Left-leaning but can't Elmo just want to love people?

We did not see any Right Leaning accounts on the tweet. It looked like it was either some sweet thank yous or the weirdos making it about Lefty politics. What is new in the world, right?


Why do all of the Leftists think that the Supreme Court decisions were so bad? None of them are bad at all. Twitchy has covered the Chevron and Immunity case decisions pretty thoroughly, and you can read them for yourself and make a decision.

The thing that stood out most was how very original they all were. The Left apparently can not meme, have original thoughts, or just accept happy thoughts. We are not surprised. Are you?

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