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LAUGH BREAK! Wax Abraham Lincoln Statue Melting Creates a Welcome Distraction on Social Media


Earlier in the week there was a bit of a heat wave in Washington DC and it caused a WAX statue of Abe Lincoln to begin to melt. According to readers' context notes on X, it seems that was always the intent of the artist as WAX is obviously not going to stick around forever, but the jokes that made their way around the social media platform regarding the melting were pretty funny and since we are surrounded by NOT funny news lately we thought we would take a minute to laugh and invite you to laugh with us.



PREACH! We are literally writing this article just to get a break and laugh because our politics are so wild right now!


Proof Positive, there is a Simpsons Meme for every occasion.

*SNORT* Well, it is Washington DC, they have spent money on worse things. hahahaha


If they had Memes back in Abes Day this one would have lived forever!

HA! Abe really needs to calm down and lay off the drugs man!

If that water is hot it is going to melt him even more!

That picture is how we feel anytime some Leftist in Congress says they want to 'FIX' something.

INDEED he does.

 The jokes write themselves. They’re not tasteful but they’re funny.

VERY TRUE. We could not include some of them because they were a little too much for Twitchy and more suited to Mad Magazine, but they are out there and they are funny. We hope you needed this laugh as much as we did.

Now get back on the main page and read about how awful the Left is and how crazy the Democrat Presidential Campaign is going. They are kind of funny in their own way. *wink*


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