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How Dare J.K. Rowling Be Rich AND Disagree With the Gender Cult Mafia


J.K. Rowling is FABULOUS. She drives some people insane simply for having an opinion and having enough money to prevent them from canceling her over it. We found a post on that encapsulated the rage she brings so perfectly we could not pass it up.


Normally we would not feature just a random X account, but this person does have almost 30k followers, and at the time of writing this piece the post itself had 132k views and almost 800 RTs so we think it can pass as relevant. Particularly since some of the replies are so delicious!


Look, this writer has said it before and we will say it 100 times more. We just like Rowling believe you should be able to dress as you please, love who you please, heck even identify as you please. We have great sympathy for the anguish it must cause to feel like you are not in the body you should be in, BUT that does not mean everyone on the planet has to change definitions, safe places for women, and women's sports to accommodate your choices and desires and none of that makes any of us transphobic monsters.

The post got some top-notch replies.

Nothing, It has nothing to do with anything.


Even if you do not agree with the woman you have to admire the fact she could have just sat down and been quiet. She had enough money to live out all her days with everyone loving and adoring her and enough money to make anything she needed happen for her and those she loved. She spoke up when she did not have to because she really believes that women need spaces that are safe and that women should have sports that belong to only biological women. That IS a role model.

*SNORT* Simple and hilarious.

Nor if they have 1 or 100 billion dollars.

HAHAHAHA! Welp, this writer gets to squabble all day every day if that is the requirement! *wink*

LOLOLOL!! That was our favorite! It is so perfect. Most of the people who are so angry about her opinions used to LOVE the Harry Potter books and many still try to use the books as a political reference forcing the Right to play the role of the Death Eaters. It is glorious to see them be so upset by a simple opinion. Especially since the opinion Rowling holds on this particular issue is correct.


We here at Twitchy agree with that correct opinion and our next goal is to be 'grotesquely rich' as well. In the meantime, it would be nice if some of the 'haters' could just get over themselves and stop calling everything in the world transphobic and hateful. We doubt they choose to be civil and understand any opinion other than their own but it is not going to shut her up and it is not going to shut us up either.

' It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.' ~ Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

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