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Many Dive in to Celebrate As Lia Thomas Loses Legal Battle Against World Aquatics

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Lia Thomas, formerly William Thomas is a trans-gender athlete who has competed as a swimmer in women's events at the college level. Thomas's presence and record made them the subject of many articles and has been one of the main people talked about in the trans-athlete debate online.


Today Thomas LOST the battle to compete in ELITE swimming events. World Aquatics is the international federation for administering international competitions in water sports and they recently made a rule to prevent trans-athletes from competing against biological women in Elite competitions. Thomas challenged the rule in hopes of making it onto an Olympic team but lost.

World Aquatics like many biological women athletes are trying to protect women's sports and many on X were static and ready to celebrate the decision.

Riley Gaines gained notoriety fighting the fight for women in sports and she was overjoyed. Can you blame her?

Perfect Gif for what so many are feeling.


Yes. It seems most people do.

It is common sense. It is not to hurt or harm anyone. They made women's sports for a reason. If there were no biological differences between men and women why wouldn't women have been playing against men forever? Why is there a WNBA? Are there some women who can beat certain men in various sports YES, but common sense shows us men in general have a biological advantage when it comes to athletics and that is NOT hateful nor transphobic. PERIOD.

We can only hope!

We live in a crazy timeline. It should not be controversial.

So many of us who played sports or have daughters in sports are thrilled with this ruling. Hopefully, others get on board and stay on board. Women's sports need to be protected. The World Aquatics policy did leave an option for an open category to give Lia some options to compete.


As international organizations start to recognize how unfair the biological advantages a person born as a man can have in women's sports, we can only hope that US high school and College organizations begin to see the light as well.

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