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Trump spoke at the Libertarian Convention and he did not get a warm welcome. He was booed for quite a while. Honestly, this should not have been a surprise to his campaign. The Libertarians who attend the conventions are hardcore and they had not indicated it would go well even when Vivek Ramaswamy spoke on Friday night.

Vivek was booed when he mentioned Trump. Libertarians who are attending conventions have no desire to speak about Republicans OR Democrats. They want to talk about Libertarians. After the Vivek foreshadowing, we honestly have no idea why Team Trump showed up to the convention but he did and handled it as well as could be expected.

BOOM. I do not care who you are that is funny! Plus it is true. Libertarians CHOOSE not to make serious bids for power. They choose to get 3% of the vote. If they took a common sense approach toward limiting government they would have earned the 15% needed to make it onto a Presidential debate stage and break up a 2 party system. The reason they have not is because nobody can take them seriously.

Common sense seems to be a bridge too far for the Libertarian Party. The people at a Libertarian convention are not people like myself who lean Libertarian because we want small government but will say when they are being stupid. They are the people running about in their pajamas yelling about legalizing ALL drugs and prostitution while spouting the crappiest foreign policy they can imagine. They often lean so far toward NO government to become anarchists and end up swinging the pendulum back to the far left.

Of course, people have a point in saying that Trump was NOT really a small-government President. He had reasons for many of his interventionist policies like farm subsidies, trade policies as well as tariffs and we cannot discuss Trump's Presidency without mentioning the spending and aiding the closing down of the economy which forced people to depend on the government during COVID. Those are not meant as digs against Trump. Hindsight is 20/20 BUT nobody can mention his Presidency and say it was small-government focused.

All of those things in mind the facts are this, The Libertarian is not going to win this election. The winner will either be Biden (unless the Democrats find some way to replace him) or Trump. SO Libertarians can boo and hiss all they like, but we should all think about what the economy and the state of the country will look like with Four more years of Biden. With all of his faults, with all of the things that can go wrong, Trump's economy would be a better option than Biden's.

So in the end will Libertarians choose to think with common sense? Most likely they will elect someone who spouts the same stuff they always spout and does the same things they always do and they will just get that 3% that Trump aptly quipped about. They have had many chances to make a real difference. 2016 was RIPE for a serious Third party, but they squandered it. This election with the way inflation and the economy are heading they really may not have an opportunity to make a splash, so why not just help push Trump over Biden? It will never happen, but it could.

I am not going to beat anyone over the head who can not bring themselves to vote for Trump. I totally get it. I have never been the biggest Trump fan. I was an early member of the Never Trump band in 2016 (before they went bonkers) and I always defend him against Leftist insanity.

I do not take part in the idea that voting for a third party or not voting is equal to voting for Joe Biden. Do I hope everyone even sort of on the right sees their way to defeat the Democrats? Yes, I do. I really do, because I think Joe Biden is easily one of the worst and most dangerous Presidents we have ever had in the United States of America.

I will end with this, as one who leans Libertarian, we have to have a government to shrink, an economy to deregulate, and we need to live in an actual country that enforces its laws and borders to live free. With another four years of Democrat rule, at least one of those things will not go well. The question Libertarians should ponder is not whether Trump is the BEST option of all time, not whether he is even a little bit small-government focussed, but whether he is the only realistic option that will allow you to live in a country that will move you to the next step to fight for the things you really want.

If he is not, I get it but if Biden wins, enjoy that 3% along with the border invasion, the overinflated fake jobs reports, and the inflation.

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