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How Can We Help? Heartbreaking Post on the Adverse Effects of Some Treatments in the Trans Community


Twitchy has covered a TON of stories about trans activists and how they are ruining women's sports and being named 'Woman of the Year' and all of that mess. I totally support WOMAN-only spaces and sports. I am a full-fledged TERF I suppose. At least that is what the TRAs (Trans-Radical-Activists) on X tell me. 

So those activists like to put us all in a box and say we are mean and hateful and phobic. I want to set a few things straight. I am none of those things. I have a trans-woman in my life that I have known since they were born. They were born as a male. They seemed to act as a male throughout life. They came out as trans at about 19 or 20. I use the new name, I use the pronouns, I still love them no matter who they present as and I go out of my way to make sure they know they have my unconditional love and support. 

I have seen up close and personal the anguish they deal with, and how they decide who they trust enough to talk to about the problems. It is not EASY for them. We both freely about why there need to be women-only spaces, why sports have to have some rules in place to protect biological girls, and how we might be able to get to those goals without all the bad name-calling and stuff in the middle. We usually come to the conclusion that it will not be possible because some people are just going to be mad and call names no matter what BUT I still want to try. 

So this brings me to this post I found on X. It is long but it is worth your time to read it. 

After reading that and knowing the love I have for the trans community and why I have it. I have to ask why more people are not speaking up about the Left and the 'scientific' community who are pushing things onto people who desperately want help. Think of all of the problems that may be happening to people who are thrown into the fire of ' here - meet your Dr. for 10 minutes, now start hormones, would you like to cut off your breasts or your penis?' 

Fast forward to a year, or 10 years down the road and maybe they did not do surgery but the blockers or the hormones or any of the other treatments are causing health problems. We should all have a lot of empathy for people in this situation. They think they are doing the right thing and the people they trust, mostly in the medical community are telling them they are. We do not allow that kind of crack-pot treatment for ANY other illnesses or mental health problems. 

If a young person goes to a Dr. and says I see myself as fat, I have body dysmorphia. The Dr. says, you only wy 100 pounds, you have anorexia, you are not fat. They go and get treatment for the dysmorphia. The 'scientific' community is NOT having a parade come through and tell the person they are indeed fat and should celebrate it by becoming a literal skeleton while still pretending they are Lizzo. It is completely ridiculous. 

My point of all of this is that the Doctors need to step up. The Left needs to step up. They need to stop being a bunch of clowns and pretending everything is fine. IT IS NOT FINE! The true facts of the 'treatments' need to be given upfront and after a LONG period of time of addressing any other mental health issues that may be involved. Stop allowing this mistreatment of people to be used as a political bat to bash people over the head with it. Medicine in the trans-community has been hijacked for politics and it is NOT focussed on actually helping the individual. 

It is time for the 'scientific' community to be honest. I don't ask this because I want people to suffer. Quite the opposite. I want people - ALL PEOPLE - to get the help and treatment they deserve. 

After therapy to address the issues and any other problems they may have if the Dr. and the individual over the age of 18 decide hormones, surgery, or any other option in between is the right path for them, I personally will support them and love them and pray for them to have a happy and healthy life. If they do not want certain procedures but want to present themselves as a man or woman to the world, I will call them whatever name they like. I can do that and STILL think there needs to be women-only spaces and sports. 

I am not ever going to apologize for my way of thinking. I am not asking you all to do it either. I just wanted to share a story about holding on to your principles and having empathy at the same time because I know most conservatives can do this. The Left, I am not so sure but we can keep trying. 

I WANT people to be just who they are, I am not asking trans people to stay miserable and not be who they think they are. I am asking that WE as members of the human race, make sure trans people are being properly treated and not thrown into things that may not be the safest options for them in the long term. 

We will end this lovely little piece with a quote from another 'TERF' I happen to like a lot, J.K. Rowling:

'I am what I am, an’ I’m not ashamed.' 
~ Rubeus Hagrid : Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 24


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