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No One Is Above the Law: Two Federal Courts Rule Against Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Scheme

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The Biden administration has made it very clear: they will ignore the rulings of courts to pass student loan 'forgiveness' -- which is just a nice way of saying making lower- and middle-income Americans pay off the debt of wealthy Democratic Party staffers.


So now that two more courts -- with Obama-appointed judges -- have ruled against it, will Biden follow the law?

We doubt it.

More from Reason:

President Biden's new large-scale student loan forgiveness plan had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. That's because two separate federal district courts ruled against its legality, in lawsuits brought by different coalitions of GOP-led states. Moreover, both of the judges who issued the rulings were Democratic Barack Obama appointees. That makes it hard to argue the decisions were a result of ideological or partisan bias, and is a very bad sign for the Administration's chances of prevailing on appeal.

The new loan forgiveness plan—known as the SAVE Plan—which would discharge at least $156 billion in federally backed student loan debt, is a successor to the one the Supreme Court invalidated Biden v. Nebraska, last year, on the grounds that the Administration's actions were not authorized by Congress (that plan would have discharged some $430 billion in student debt).


Can't wait to hear the reason the administration will undermine these courts.

Regardless, this is the right ruling.

Also a fair point.

Especially Obama appointees.

It's the world's worst carousel.

Total shame.


Biden is doing this 'with the stroke of a pen' because it's a non-starter in Congress, and rightly so.

Also a good time to remind you that Biden was one of the senators who pushed to block discharging student loan debt in bankruptcy.

We told you about Ben Kamens here.

Norms and decency. Respecting democracy.

All those are things Biden campaigned on. Instead, we get him routinely undermining the rule of law and the courts.


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