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Defenders of Democracy Are at It Again: Dems Sue to Remove RFK From Nevada Ballot, Calling Him 'Spoiler'

AP Photo/Terry Spencer

Setting aside the fact America is a constitutional republic and not a democracy for a moment, it's amazing how the supposed 'defenders' of democracy -- the Democratic Party -- really, really don't want other candidates on the ballot.


This isn't their first attempt to remove opposition. They've tried to boot Trump in Maine and Colorado, and they've already sued in the past to keep independent candidate RKF, Jr. off the ballot.

Now they're trying to remove RFK Jr. again, and they've said the quiet part out loud: the DNC claims he's not an 'independent' candidate, but a 'spoiler' who threatens Biden's candidacy.

More from The New York Post:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not a political independent under Nevada law and should be disqualified from Silver State ballots, two voters allege in a lawsuit filed in state court Thursday.

Uwe Rockenfeller and Francisco Morales named Kennedy, his running mate Nicole Shanahan and Nevada Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar as defendants.

They want the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket disqualified from the state ballot.

After ending his Democratic primary challenge to President Biden, the complaint alleges, Kennedy “claims that he is an ‘Independent’ candidate for President of the United States while simultaneously seeking the nominations of at least six separate political parties in six other states.”

Those parties “have distinct platforms and ideologies,” the suit says; the American Independent Party of California, for instance, “has a sordid history, supporting past segregationist candidates for president like former Alabama governor George Wallace.”


But they love democracy, folks.

Bingo. We remember how the Biden administration denied RFK Jr. Secret Service protection multiple times.

They are, although this writer thinks RFK Jr. pulls more votes from Trump than Biden.

And they think they're the good guys here.

Yep. More lawfare.

The Left has zero qualms about going to court and suing in the blink of an eye.

The Right could learn a lesson here.


There was.

And it always is lawfare.


They're awful hypocrites.

They can't run on Biden's record. This is all they've got.

We all see it, too.

People may vote in a way they don't like, and they can't allow that.


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