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'Greatest Fundraising Bonanza Ever': Andrew Cuomo, Bill Maher Say Bragg's Trump Trial Was Mistake

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

It's been pretty clear the Democratic Party strategy was going to be hitting Trump hard on his 34 felony convictions, but that plan is obviously backfiring. Trump hasn't tanked in the polls (in fact, these swing state polls have to have the Biden camp's undies in a twist).


On top of that, post-verdict, Trump saw a massive fundraising boost: $34.8 million in less than 24 hours, with 30% coming from new donors. Including this writer.

And while some Democrats are continuing to hammer the '34 felonies' in very cringe ways, the strategy may have backfired on the Biden campaign. Even former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Bill Maher -- both not fans of Trump -- agree the trial was a mistake.



And, yes, delicious.

That's the face of regret.

Cry harder, Adam.

SUPER satisfying.

So hilarious.


Maybe, but the reality is the trial happened, Trump was convicted, and that was a major mistake.

Yes, they would be.

Of course he does. He's been very clear that the Democratic Party has gone too far left, even for him.

We all know.

Especially after the Left screamed the justice system was corrupt, racist, and in need of major reform.

Only to turn around and say it was above criticism because they convicted Trump.


People notice that.

Cuomo is a worm, no doubt.

But when he's saying this, you know the Democratic Party messed up.

They won't. To their detriment.


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