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First Do No Harm to Free Speech: Oregon Medical Board May Require Docs to Report 'Microaggressions'

AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

I've written quite a bit about the woke insanity that's invading healthcare. It is dangerous, deadly, and unprofessional. Not only does it diminish the quality of care, it actually puts patient lives at risk by either hiring unqualified doctors or changing medical standards in an effort to erase racially-based biological differences, such as kidney function or ignoring the fact obesity is dangerous.

But the Left doesn't care.

To them, wokeness is the primary goal. Safety and saving lives come after they've met whatever diversity or equity quotas they feel are necessary to fulfill their desire to virtue signal.

The Oregon Medical Board is the latest organization to jump on this bandwagon, requiring doctors to report 'microaggressions' by colleagues.

What are 'microaggressions', you ask?

Let me take a guess: if you tell an obese patient to lose weight, that's probably a 'microaggression' that needs to be reported.

Who gets to decide what is and isn't a microaggression?

The answer is simple: the thinnest skinned person in the room, who will also happen to be the one who has the most checkmarks on the list intersectionality.

Collaboration and open communication among a medical care team is vital to patient care.

Demanding doctors find and report microaggressions chills free speech. It stymies medical advances. And -- above all -- it puts the patient at risk because his doctor is too afraid to speak up and advocate on his behalf.

Imagine a doctor saying a patient, who happens to be white, needs a medical procedure and advocates for it. Could some woke colleague be offended by this and report the doctor for a microaggression? 

Yes, absolutely. The woke Left will find any reason to be offended.

Or imagine a more senior doctor disagreeing with the diagnosis of a woke colleague -- and that the woke colleague is wrong. Who do you think wins in that scenario? The woke one, for sure. Who cares about the patient? Feelings are more important. Equity is more important.

Not being offended is more important.

These people, after all, said 'no U-turn' signs are homophobic. Logic and reason are not their forte.

Microaggressions, as a concept, are absurd. They imply an intent and a thought process to behaviors that are -- 99.99% of the time -- merely innocuous.

It says that certain people are now mind-readers, ascribing motive and intent to behaviors when they can't possibly know the motive or intent. And it flies in the face of free speech -- something doctors have a right to, even in the workplace, and especially in regards to patient care.

And they think they're the good guys.

I am warning you, and I hope people heed this: wokeness in healthcare will kill. If not you, then someone you know and love.

The Left has zero qualms about this, too. In their mind, there is no moral pinnacle more important than being woke. Not safety. Not saving lives. Not common sense. Not fairness. Not the rule of law. Not medical ethics and standards.

That all takes a back seat to equity and DEI.

They will gladly sacrifice you on the altar of that belief, and pat themselves on the back for doing so, because you might be dead, but they feel good about themselves.

Chilling the free speech of doctors is a surefire way to make sure that nightmare scenario becomes a reality.



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