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Healing the Soul of the Nation: Biden Says Trump Wouldn’t Pardon J6 Protesters If They Were Black

AP Photo/Joe Lamberti

Biden -- who ran to restore norms and decency, turn down the temperature, and heal the soul of the nation -- is one of the most divisive presidents this country has ever seen. He certainly likes to foment racial tensions, and to make the most baseless accusations against his political opponents.


The 'Trump is a racist' narrative is getting old and tiresome.

Especially from the party that says blacks don't know what computers are, can't get IDs to vote, and claims blacks who don't vote for the Democratic party nominee 'ain't black'.

The bragging about locking away the January 6 protesters for 800-plus years is a stain on this administration -- especially after a summer of 'mostly peaceful' protests that burned major cities to the ground.

So for Biden to get up and say Trump -- who has promised pardons for the January 6 protesters -- wouldn't do the same if they were black is so incredibly racist.

Guess this is what 'healing the soul of the nation' looks like, huh?

We remember the George Floyd protests -- they weren't peaceful.

Oh, look. Facts.

'Mostly peaceful', we guess.

More facts.


Always lies.


And in Wisconsin in 2011.

It's (D)ifferent when they do it.

Very divisive. And intentionally so.

Biden is a hair's breadth away from pulling out the 'put y'all back in chains' line from 2012.

That won't help him.

No, it's not any more complicated than that.

For decades.

No, they don't. But we remember.


They can't hide it now. Not after this and the Morehouse commencement speech.

Perpetually 1968.


It's the only card he's got to play. Well, that and abortion.


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