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Surprise, Surprise: Man's Arrest in Planet Fitness Locker Room Proves Women's Concerns Are Valid

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

I've written quite a bit about Planet Fitness and the fallout from its policy allowing men who identify as women into women's locker rooms.

It is an insane policy that only hurts Planet Fitness's bottom line, and sends a very clear message to women: your safety and comfort are not our priority. You take a backseat to men who say they're women.

People are outraged, and rightly so.

Because this is what happens, and it's entirely, 100% avoidable:

And more details from WSOC-TV (emphasis added):

Christopher Allan Miller, 38, was arrested after going into the women’s locker room Thursday at the Gastonia Planet Fitness on South New Hope Road.

Planet Fitness allows members to use the restroom and locker rooms they identify with as part of their no-judgmental motto. However, some members said they are worried and believe Miller misused the policy after hearing the allegations and the call for help.

Women at Planet Fitness were stunned last week to see Miller in the women’s locker room. One woman called 911.

“And what’s he wearing?” the dispatcher said.

“Nothing, literally nothing,” the caller said.

“OK, so he is completely naked?” the dispatcher said.

“He is completely naked,” the caller said.

Sources told Channel 9 that Miller asked a woman to rub lotion and shower together.

“And is that man still there?” the dispatcher said.

“Yeah, he is still in the bathroom,” the caller said. “It’s a man but he says he identifies as a woman, and he won’t leave the restroom. But he is just walking around showing us his --- and he won’t leave.”

Miller was harassing women in the gym before the arrest, sources told Channel 9.

Women have said this would happen. That all a man has to do is say he's a woman and he can get his jollies exposing himself to women in spaces that used to be safe and private.

And this is not just the fault of Planet Fitness -- it is the fault of every woke Leftist who insists that women kowtown before men who merely say they are women.

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Me Too. Remember that? Remember how all it took to utterly ruin a man's life was a woman accusing him of sexual assault or rape or harassment? There could be zero evidence -- there could be evidence exonerating him -- and we were told we still had to believe the woman. Without question. 'Believe all women' was a thing, too.

All men were rapists, or potential rapists. 'Teach men not to rape!' the Leftists cried. Asking a woman on a date, or even looking at her (the 'male gaze'), was tantamount to sexual assault.

Women who were drunk couldn't consent to sex, and any man -- drunk or sober -- who slept with an inebriated woman was possibly guilty of rape. 'Enthusiastic, ongoing consent' was the mantra.

Don't forget the classic 'my body, my choice' that the Left loves to talk about when it comes to killing unborn children in the womb.

What happened to all of that?

Why is it now that we don't believe all women? Why is it that the 'Me Too' movement is suddenly, deafeningly silent? Why are men who say they're women -- despite having intact penises -- are now no longer a rape threat? Why is the 'male gaze' that was so nefarious a few years ago suddenly something women must be subjected to in their locker rooms?

What happened to the notion of consent? Women who don't consent to men sharing their locker rooms or their sports are now 'TERFs', and 'bigots' and 'homophobes' who get targeted with horrendous abuses and threats of violence (up to and including death threats).

Why is it 'my body, my choice' only applies to abortion, but not who gets to see me naked in a space that's supposed to be safe and single-sexed?

What is it going to take to make these policies -- politically and at the school and corporate level -- change? 

Women like me have said for ages that allowing men into our safe spaces is a bad, unsafe idea. That it was only a matter of time before a woman gets assaulted, raped, or worse.

The women in the locker room at the Gastonia Planet Fitness are now victims.

And it's a much welcomed sign of sanity.

Does a woman have to get raped? Beaten? Murdered before sanity is restored and women's locker rooms are left to women?

Or what happens when a woman refuses to be a victim and fights back? Where will the outrage be directed? At her -- the victim -- or her attacker, because he happens to be trans?

Let's hope we never have to find out.


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