We could try to think of a clever way to introduce the latest craziness from Kurt Eichenwald, but we’ll just let him speak for himself:

OK …

Kurt’s too busy riding the crazy train to think about that:

Is he threatening the NRA?

Knock yourself out, Kurt. Maybe you can knock some sense into yourself, too, while you’re at it.

Since Eichenwald seems to have a special fixation on Dana Loesch, Loesch was kind enough to respond to him:

And that really set him off. You thought he was crazy before? He was just getting started:

Don’t even think about bringing up Kurt’s weird-ass predilections:

Because he doesn’t like that:

He doesn’t like anything.

Again with this lie? Also, based one what we know so far, the Vegas shooter wasn’t a mental patient. Which gun control law would have stopped him?

How many unhinged rants do we have to put up with before you get some help?

Holy. Moly.

Parting food for thought: If Kurt is genuinely this terrified of homicidal mental patients getting their hands on guns, then, well, it turns out there is some gun control we can definitely get behind. This kind:

Hear, hear.

So sad.



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