We read a lot of stupid.

A lot.

It’s what we do.

But it doesn’t get much stupider than reading through the Twitter feeds of uneducated, emotional and rhetoric-driven gun grabbers after a tragedy like Las Vegas; talk about a lot of deliberately obtuse and misleading paranoia.

Sorta like Alyssa Milano’s feed yesterday:

Oh the stupid, it burns. We know, Alyssa want to pretend she’s super informed about these things but well … she’s just not. We’re going to guess she didn’t actually read the article, nor did the 12 thousand people who fav’d it.

Dana nailed it.

Of course asking people like Alyssa, who only recently decided she needed to speak out because there’s a Republican in the White House, to understand and respect due process is sorta like asking dogs to meow.

It’s unnatural.


They see a headline and think to themselves, ‘I KNEW IT. TRUMP IS TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE!’

Most don’t actually read the articles though, and news outlets know that.

Constitution protects us and our rights from the government and Republicans understand this.

Welcome to the Democratic Party of 2017, no rocket scientists allowed.


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