As the hour of Ben Shapiro’s speech draws nearer, Berkeley snowflakes are pulling out every last weapon they’ve got in their arsenal.

Can you blame Shapiro for having fun when this is the kind of thing he has to contend with?

That rumbling you hear is the sound of Ben Shapiro shaking in his boots. Or not.

No, he most definitely isn’t.


That actually illustrates up the protesters’ mentality quite nicely. They’re against Shapiro’s speech without actually knowing why. Or who they’re dealing with:

Hey, speaking of bullsh*t … the petulant twerp(s) who put up that sign are chock-full of it.

These students are so woke they’re going blind.

Damn. Shapiro may be able to laugh at these dumbasses, but that doesn’t mean he has to show them any mercy. Which is convenient, because they certainly haven’t done anything to deserve it.

No one with a firm grasp on reality, that is. What a shame that the students who need to listen to Shapiro the most are the ones trying hardest to silence him.

But for those out there with an open mind — and anyone else who can appreciate a tireless, rock-solid advocate for conservatism — we urge you to tune in to Shapiro’s speech.

We’ve got a feeling you won’t be disappointed.



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