We’ve seen a lot of takes trying to downplay Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi’s #TwitterFiles, which showed “the Biden team” communicating with Twitter to censor tweets about the Hunter Biden laptop story and Twitter execs coming up with the “hacked materials” excuse after the fact. We’ve seen plenty of reporters repeat the identical talking point about Taibbi doing “free PR” for the world’s richest man on a Friday night. Some have even tried to make Hunter the victim in all this, with Musk smearing a man who struggled with addiction. The usual suspects, like The Bulwark, chided “MAGA activists” for “getting riled up” while “normal humans” were spending the week watching sports.

We do have to hand it to Rolling Stone for coming up with a unique take — according to them, people who used to work for Twitter are calling the Twitter files a “snoozefest.”

Adam Rawnsley reports:

Responses online amounted to a collective yawn.

“Nice to land and read Twitter files only to find out there aren’t any(?),” one former Twitter employee quipped to Rolling Stone.

Yeah, that’s the story. Rawnsley admits that “the social media platform initially suppressed the story from appearing in its recommendation algorithms but then banned links to the story outright under its distribution of hacked materials policy.” And one nameless former Twitter employee — was he fired or did he quit? — quipped that “there aren’t any.”

Yep, the same Rolling Stone that called the New York Post scoop a vile, baseless conspiracy theory.

That seems to be the attitude among mainstream journalists. We all knew this, but that was, like, two years ago. Move on.


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