As Twitchy told you, ESPN anchor Jemele Hill unloaded on Kid Rock and Donald Trump yesterday, proclaiming them white supremacists. Today, ESPN took decisive action to set Hill straight.

Just kidding!

Oh, well, as long as she recognizes her actions were inappropriate …

If you feel like there’s some inconsistency when it comes to how ESPN handles controversial statements by its employees, you’re not alone.

Schilling was suspended and then fired after posting controversial memes.

Tony Kornheiser, who compared the Tea Party to ISIS in 2015, got his ESPN contract extended last fall.

It’s almost as if there’s a double standard or something.

That’s a pretty safe bet. And even without wading into politics, ESPN seems to have a selective outrage problem.

Yep. Earlier this year, tennis commentator Doug Adler got the boot from ESPN for using the phrase “guerrilla effect” in describing Venus Williams’ playing style.

Do they think this kind of crap does them any favors?



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