Curt Schilling is trending Wednesday night as news spreads that ESPN has fired him following a controversial retweet and follow-up comments about the transgender community.

BuzzFeed posted the following screenshot as part of its coverage and reports that Schilling later deleted the tweet.

While many applauded ESPN’s action, others wished the network were a bit more consistent with its definition of unacceptable conduct.

The Tea Party is like ISIS? That’s the sort of invaluable sports analysis that keeps people tuning in to ESPN. And how could the network have gone on without the comedic stylings of sports journalist Kenny Mayne?


Ah yes, that was over Williams saying that President Obama golfing with then-Speaker John Boehner was like “Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.” That comment was a terrible stab at the president. And speaking of stabbing …

Rep. Mike Honda, who had the transgender flag raised in front of his office in March alongside Old Glory, applauded ESPN for purging itself of Schilling’s hatred.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.