Seems the media is accusing Kid Rock of being a racist.

Welcome to being a Republican in 2017, Kid.

And ESPN wonders why its ratings are in the crapper.

There’s an actual flag that stands for dehumanizing black people? Who knew?

Trump has asked for DACA to be the law, he surrounds himself with people of all races and sexes – definitely not what we would call a white supremacist. Maybe Jemele should stick with sports.

It’s like ESPN wants to fail at this point.

Who? Heh.

She’s a sports reporter. ‘Nuff said.

Something like that, yup.

Wiser words have maybe never been tweeted.

Yes. This is literally all they have.



Back of a cereal box.


Bingo. When people who dislike Trump are telling you to knock it off MAYBE it’s time to listen?


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