We know you’ve had to stomach a lot of Sally Kohn today, but this … this is just too good to ignore.

An ad Dana Loesch recorded for the NRA is lodged, predictably, in gun grabbers’ craws:

Sally Kohn, always game for biting off more than she can chew, decided to go after Loesch, too. It didn’t go well:

Does she, now?

Gotta love Sally freaking out about Loesch’s ad for its supposed call to violence after that twisted Paul Ryan meme she tweeted out.

Sorry, Sally, but when it comes to calling out violent rhetoric, you don’t really have the moral high ground.

Dana Loesch hasn’t responded yet to Sally’s outrage, but her husband Chris is giving Sally the business:

Kohn’s not known for being a great listener.



Dana Loesch has learned of Sally’s outrage:

And has graciously decided to respond:

And just for good measure, she’s schooling Dean Obeidallah, too:

A fistful of reminders:


And that, students, is what we call a mic drop.



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